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luni, 7 august 2017

Passions don't go "old"

Previous days I was thinking about the beginnings of writing here and how the idea and passion involved here have led to something very beautiful, which inspired me further to develop it into some other beautiful things at their turn.

This evening, as I was seeing some photos on the social networks, I remembered some beautiful memories since I was "younger" and also talked about such passions and hobbies with someone who confirmed me the idea I had before: Passions don't go "old". Rather they make you "young" again, empowering you with that enthusiasm spirit that gives you the energy and inspiration to go and explore each and every piece of it, discovering new horizons and paths.

And again, there are the persons who have also discovered some of their own passions and you can spot them from the distance. Or at least, it is quite inspirational to see that they still exist. They are different in the sense that they are having that sparkle in their eyes and they somehow remind you of some stories that you haven't told in a while...and yes, most likely their are beautiful and deep. But do not worry, they will understand it, because they can feel that too in their own way. 

vineri, 2 decembrie 2016

Something worthy

I think I've always liked to create something my own. Probably that's one of the reasons I created also this blog almost 9 years ago. Something where I could put my passion, knowledge, creativity and strategy into place in order to create, develop and manage it in a manner that could add a little drop of happiness on my face. You know that kind of happiness I am talking about...the one that it is provided by you, by the intrinsic nature of your mind and soul.

In time, it's interesting to observe that some passions, hobbies and habits have more or less the same essence...the one which have a deeper sense of quality, worthiness and of course, personal touch...because you have to be yourself every day and evolve by achieving your full potential.

I believe that this is also the case with the relationships with persons. Or at least that's how I see it. In order to do something worthy and achieve that level of significance which could lead you to the next level of yourself and/or with the other party, you should focus on the same quality, on values and on your own personal way of being. The way I see it, in order to build something that has the potential to last and which to count and mean something to you in a certain aspect, the fundamentals should be build on the elements described above. Having these (probably a little bit harder that it seems), it represents a very good start, or in other words you managed to bring your own pillar to the relationship in question. However, the same approach has to be done by the other party. When you have one pillar on one side and a pillar from the other side, you have already a sketch, a ground for building further. But still, how can we bring our part of the pillar, if we are in the process of building it ?

Well, for starters, the speed, challenges and opportunities of these days are pushing us to rush in the quest of becoming ourselves a modern version of Christopher Columbus. We don't know exactly where we want to go, what we want to reach, on what time interval, but we are hoping to figure out during the way. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but we still have something to think about because the ability to adapt and figure out some pieces of the puzzle, could lead us to a strategy design moment. From that click, the potential of building our own version of the compass could be very well envisioned and continuously improved.

So, how about doing something worthy every day ?

miercuri, 29 aprilie 2015

Running in the other way...

A little bit too often that it should, when it comes to what feelings are worth, we tend at first to hesitate in transmitting them in their real shape to the persons we love. We let ourselves believe that those persons will be always there for us and that nothing will happen. Once, we have decided to let our fears to talk for us, it is hard not to give this example for the second or third time, and somehow, it seems that an important part for what are actually care about is going to slide to the habit of not finding out, even though they can see it in our eyes and feel in their hearts also.

So, what's the deal with this fear ? Since when we tend to compromise when it comes to what's important for us and be very straightforward with other aspects that don't present too much risk for us ? Since when, the fear of losing the good enough has beaten the potential of one of the best things that could ever be ?

When we are going to learn ? And most important, who are we lying ? Because ourselves, will never manage to do it, that's for sure... 

duminică, 8 martie 2015

The moment when it just hits you...

After the article related to the intensity, that in my opinion should surround us every moment, I was watching tonight one of my favourite shows: "Suits", the last episodes of the season. It is always revealing when a scene, a movie, a place, an activity or some people can become the triggers in taking you out of the routine thoughts and transpose you in a world where everything has a different perception, where you can look at the reality with your feet on the ground, or with your head in the clouds, but with some more objective and determined perspective. 

I found that to be very useful and it is sometimes more hard to understand and to believe when you actually know that something that happens is not what you thought or wanted, no matter if we are talking about you or other persons. 

So aren't these triggers a way of knowing us better when we seem lost ? I for sure, tend to think so...


I have always been one of those persons who likes to live intense. Maybe it's just who I am and the fact that I like to be passioned about the things that I do and having strong and powerful connections with the persons that are close to me. 

It is an art to find the equilibrium sense. I tend to believe that between the activities I do every day, I am still keeping this balance, even if every now and then, some situations arrive when you just have to go with your intuition and heart and make it all count. 

Under our daily routine and activities, the engine that runs us to achieve our dreams, hopes and goals is determined by our passion and desire. 

The two are very strong correlated in my opinion, because when you discover your passions, you no longer have to find a motivation or a reason to do them, it's very natural and fulfilling. The desire spice up this mix with the importance of intensity, due to its amazing sense of the right and appropriate thing to do in the specific moment. 

These are the moments when you are laughing out loud, when your horizons are wide, when you manage to become aware of the fact that every day matters (and that you are not wasting a second of it because you are in the right place with the right persons), and of course that you are sharing this amazing moments with someone special who is able to see that with you and feeling it intense too.

I tend to believe that those special connections are made by seeing and feeling the passion in our eyes and soul and when the persons sense that, it becomes magic...

duminică, 16 noiembrie 2014

Lipsa strategiei si a orientarii de tara din Romania politica a anului 2014

16 noiembrie doilea tur de scrutin al alegerilor prezidențiale. Este bătălia finală dintre cei 2 candidați. Victor Ponta și Klaus Johannis se bat pentru scaunul de la Cotroceni pentru o perioadă de 5 ani. Presa, poate mai trist ca altădată, este în umbră umbră ? Cea a unei idei a ce s-ar putea promova de pe urma celor 2 candidați. Bineînțeles că în 2014 nu mai crede nimeni în libertatea presei și în puterea lor de a vedea lucrurile după ultimii 10 după poate singurele alegeri de după 1990 când mulți români se găsesc în ipostaza de a nu lua o decizie în vreun fel sau altul, pentru că poate ca niciodată, nici unul din candidații aflați încă de la început în cursa electorală nu are o gândire strategică, nu urmărește vreo metodă de dezvoltare și orientare a țării, nici unul nu iese în vreun fel în evidență cu vreun plan concret...în ceața politică din România, lipsesc proiectoarele care să vadă dincolo de aparență.

Tineretul...poate acum mai mai mult ca niciodată, tinerii reușesc să conștientizeze cât de important este votul lor, cât de esențial este să ai o părere și să crezi în ceea ce îți dorești, să crezi în visele tale și să lupți pentru a schimba starea de amorțeală în care se găsește țara unde locuiești, și unde trăiesc familia și cei apropiați. Campanii civice de stimulare a mersului la vot și analize destul de pertinente sunt realizate de cei cărora chiar le pasă, de cei care reușesc aproape în fiecare zi să facă diferența, prin ambiție, devotament ți pasiune.

Social media a devenit canalul de comunicare în care tinerii își motivează mersul la vot și în care par mândri de acest lucru. Fie că o fac prin aplicații, prin poze sau evenimente, ei sunt acolo. Tot acolo sunt și părerile lor, o buna parte din ele poate prea impulsive, prea bazate pe un moment ales întâmplător și parcă așteptat de mult timp pentru a riposta la capcanele electorale antrenate de mulți ani încoace.

Aceeași realitate sumbră din ultimii 10 ani...o națiune care, cu mici excepții, în multe momente se divizează în tabere neștiind pentru ce luptă, care uită foarte repede lucrurile "glorioase" care s-au întâmplat recent (și pe actorii lor), o mulțime care reacționează de multe ori doar atunci "când dă bine la PR" și care extrage foarte bine din context bucata de puzzle fără însemnătate.

Pentru prima oară din 2009 încoace, am mers la vot cu inima îndoită, știind că pentru orice alegere făcută, nu pot vedea ceva bun ieșind din ea. Îmi iubesc țara și cred în oamenii săi, de asta consider că trebuie să încercăm în fiecare zi să fim mai buni, prin faptele noastre. Îmi doresc și îi doresc României, liderii patrioți și responsabili care să își iubească țara precum o făceau strămoșii noștri, care s-au sacrificat ca să ne fie nouă bine astăzi; poporului învrăjbit - liniște, pace și colaborare, iar celor care au încă au impresia că unele lucruri sunt prezente în politica din România...momentan nu exista stânga, nu există dreapta, nu există doctrine și nici strategii de țară...există doar promisiuni de mai bine...dar nu pentru noi...