luni, 7 august 2017

Passions don't go "old"

Previous days I was thinking about the beginnings of writing here and how the idea and passion involved here have led to something very beautiful, which inspired me further to develop it into some other beautiful things at their turn.

This evening, as I was seeing some photos on the social networks, I remembered some beautiful memories since I was "younger" and also talked about such passions and hobbies with someone who confirmed me the idea I had before: Passions don't go "old". Rather they make you "young" again, empowering you with that enthusiasm spirit that gives you the energy and inspiration to go and explore each and every piece of it, discovering new horizons and paths.

And again, there are the persons who have also discovered some of their own passions and you can spot them from the distance. Or at least, it is quite inspirational to see that they still exist. They are different in the sense that they are having that sparkle in their eyes and they somehow remind you of some stories that you haven't told in a while...and yes, most likely their are beautiful and deep. But do not worry, they will understand it, because they can feel that too in their own way. 

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