miercuri, 12 noiembrie 2014

The strangers who know each other...

It's been a while since I know you...even from the beginning, you managed to show me what a strong, independent and beautiful you are. You showed me glimpses of you and fascinated me from the first encounters. I remember quite well the time when you earned a indefinite back then, but for sure special place in my life...

I didn't know exactly at that time how can I check that all you have showed me was for real, and because I believe in you, I showed you also some important parts of me. I've trusted you enough for wanting me to hold you more close to me, and I shared with you also an important part of my work.

After a while, things got along and the initial fascination got a little bit of mistery. I can say that this drop has made everything more interesting. Misteries are fun when you manage to discover them step after step and we have done that piece by piece. The interesting part comes at the time when I consider that I know you and when I think you know me too and somehow we don't know if the brick that we build today is gonna last until tomorrow.

So tell me my dear, are we just strangers that know each other ?

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