joi, 6 noiembrie 2014

The few really peaceful moments...

It's late in the middle of the night. Maybe one of the few moments when you can breathe and be inspirational in the same time. It's that time of the day when you are ready to relax, to draw the line and probably some conclusions. It's a little bit interesting how in the most quiet times, the really inspirational thoughts are coming alive. There is also a little bit problematic, when all the real feelings are coming also on the surface and tell us what tends to go right and what we need to think about in the near future.

And there are some milestones, which we made through the day, others that are still in progress, and others that are just arising from the inspiration of the moment. 

And yes, how we can forget about one thing ? That one person where our thoughts are flying before we go to bed ? Sometime, they are coming back and wish us a beautiful day in the morning...

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