marți, 13 mai 2014

Our hopes, our dreams and a little bit of drama...

We all have our hopes and our dreams that define us and for what we are striving each day to become better, in order to get one more step closer. In a world defined by unknown, by the fear of losing what you love, and by the thought of being judged each day by others, we are facing some tough times and obstacles in what we can call "our path to success". Of course, the latter could not be defined so easy, or can it ?

Have you wondered why the most complicated things and situations tend to have the most simple solutions ? Maybe what's not so common, it's very simple after all. We all realize and know what we want and what we feel, because our intuition and heart tell us how to act and when it skipes a beat, but the art of drama is also a piece of the puzzle that makes us to look so imperfectly artistic. Like an architect, which is trying to build a flawless work, the pieces are complicated to combine...I believe that to be a good thing, because we still have a lot to learn.

We know what we want, we know how we feel about it, we know also the moment when someone values the world for us and it is important to get that feeling in return...because those are the moments when time stops, when we feel complete and when the motivation empowers us to run faster than ever to the next milestone.

2 comentarii:

  1. Frumoase gândurile tale, Andrei! Pentru a face un lucru bun, trebuie să înveţi multe...şi cu cât înveţi mai multe cu atât îţi doreşti să ştii mai multe...
    Succes în tot ce faci! Cu prietenie!

  2. Multumesc pentru sfaturile si gandurile bune doamna Elena. Toate cele bune si dumneavoastra !