sâmbătă, 19 aprilie 2014

There is a right time for everything

Having this thought in my mind, I am going on the road of writing this articol, because (you have to consider) there is a right time for everything. First of all, I think that is very important to realize this fact. We tend to overthink and overworry about lots of things that happen in our lives. Many of them don't necessarily depend on us, and that's even more interesting, relating to our person...how you can manage something that you can't control ? Of course, there are many reasons for why we are doing this:

  • The rush for achieving goals and that so desired success;
  • The pressure of the society;
  • The time that seems to not have patience in terms of anything;
  • The opinions and feelings of persons that we love and care about;
  • Our ideals, values and the way of being ourselves;
  • The continuous fight with all the other factors from the road of fulfilling our dreams.
And I think you and I know that this list can go on and on...

What it is very important ? It comes a time when you are starting to realize that everything happens for a reason, that all these aspects have an order which (even though is possible not to make sense in our minds on the spot) has all the meaning in the world at the right time. And yes, maybe I keep repeating this expression, but I strongly believe that there are right times for everything: to play, to sleep, to learn (actually you can say that any period can be perceived as the right time for this), to work, to dream, to fall in love, to explore and so on.

It is very fascinating when you realize that these right times can also be multiple, in the same or separate times and each of them has a different and sometimes unique feeling. Another particularity can be the fact that when you finally perceive it, you can appreciate it at that specific level. 

And another beautiful exemple is when you discover...how much things tend to change from time to time and how that specific topic helped in what you have become today. So, if you ask me, follow your dreams, your heart and your intuition because they know exactly how you feel, what you are and where you want to be, and much more than this...when it's the right time for everything !

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