vineri, 25 aprilie 2014

Because we believe in our dreams !

Facing every day the times where almost no one seems to identify a purpose and a way to become unique, or at least differentiate itself from the others, it can become very demotivating to still fighting hard for what you are and what you believe in. "It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone" said Hans F. Hanses. Probably this is one of the reasons for which we are keep facing all these resistance walls, proving again and again that we can, that we are able, talented, that we have a gift, that we believe in a dream, and for this matter we will fight for it and also for our values.

Of course, it can become more hard to say it than to just do it, mainly because the amount of work and persistent focus seems to be at least double than normal in this concern. In a society which puts no accent on respect, kindness and honesty, it can become very frustrating to go for the high goals, having "just" your passion, ambition, knowledge and values in your hand. I'm saying "just", because people are tending to believe that in order to break through and reach your objectives, you need an extra help or you just have to model yourself after the world...We don't have to talk about the money topic, which supposed to have their role, but not to lead the persons to unexpected behavior. 

And this is the presentation of how we are all tented to quit and not follow our dreams anymore, to not do the things we worked so hard for until that moment, and to accept the mediocre level of "making things easier" in the short is amazing how facile we can settle with one or two moments of the so-called happiness, instead of actually strive for living the dream. Yes, we are still humans, we have powerful emotions, which lead to great implications which can affect our emotional intelligence in ways in which we haven't even probably thought before...but then again, the sun rises, bringing a new start, the bell is still ringing for an opportunity or two, and the world never stops...then WHY should we stop believing in ourselves and moreover, in our dreams ?

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  2. Buna Anna si bine ai venit pe Find Yourself Again :). Ma bucur ca ti-a placut si te mai astept pe aici. Toate cele bune :)