luni, 17 martie 2014

Pure randomness

It's been a while since I have been written a post. It's not that I wouldn't like to, because it's one of those little passions that define you and which inspire you when you don't really know what direction to choose in a crossroad. Why am I writting this post in English? I wanted for some time to do this, and somehow, the inspiration point hits you when seems to be the reasonable time.

Let's go back to the title and develop a little bit more about the topic. The word "Random" can be defined from few perspectives, but the general idea is related to the state of acting by chance, accidentally, not according to a plan or an intention. We, the Romanian people, have an interesting way of dealing with the randomness. The first sense is (and it should be, if you ask me) the act of being spontaneous, which is not actually a bad thing, and is it quite good to use it from time to time. You can't always be spontaneous, it would not have the same meaning anymore. Still, spontaneity can bring you some amazing things if you just go with your gut and extend what the inspiration and intuition are already telling you. This also goes from the premise that you are knowing yourself pretty good and the 2 characteristics described above are just guiding you to some potentially interesting experiences. 

The second sense of the word is interpreted in a "carpe diem" way, which is not really charcteristic to our nation, basically because of all the worries and concerns regarding our finances and social status. It's pretty hard to guide your life by this principle, even more hard to manage and organize yourself, so at the best level, if you ask me, you can achieve a maximum of the first alternative as the optimal point here.

The third and probably the most seen sense of interpretation of the word is the one when people are rather doing rather random activities, not expecting something concrete, just reaching a certain level of decision, where the utility moves slightly from 0. The americans tend to use (funny or not) the term "Stuff" for this kind of activities, and the antagonistic part is that at a certain point from our road, we all seem to forget a little bit about our big picture (our dreams and what really defines us), and we are looking to this random ideas, trying to find that missed step from our journey. It is true...we live in some weird times, where the plans are multiple and the personal identity doesn't really exist anymore. We work hard trying to find our path, and there are some moments when you feel alone, even though you're surrounded by many people, colleagues, etc.

And when it seems like we lose hope...there's just that light seen in the eyes of another person, which reminds us from ourselves and what important some aspects really are for us, and that we are not alone in a random world...