duminică, 8 martie 2015


I have always been one of those persons who likes to live intense. Maybe it's just who I am and the fact that I like to be passioned about the things that I do and having strong and powerful connections with the persons that are close to me. 

It is an art to find the equilibrium sense. I tend to believe that between the activities I do every day, I am still keeping this balance, even if every now and then, some situations arrive when you just have to go with your intuition and heart and make it all count. 

Under our daily routine and activities, the engine that runs us to achieve our dreams, hopes and goals is determined by our passion and desire. 

The two are very strong correlated in my opinion, because when you discover your passions, you no longer have to find a motivation or a reason to do them, it's very natural and fulfilling. The desire spice up this mix with the importance of intensity, due to its amazing sense of the right and appropriate thing to do in the specific moment. 

These are the moments when you are laughing out loud, when your horizons are wide, when you manage to become aware of the fact that every day matters (and that you are not wasting a second of it because you are in the right place with the right persons), and of course that you are sharing this amazing moments with someone special who is able to see that with you and feeling it intense too.

I tend to believe that those special connections are made by seeing and feeling the passion in our eyes and soul and when the persons sense that, it becomes magic...

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